On Top of the World

Last night I got back from my incredible trip to California/Nevada/Arizona (we did a lot!) and I miss everything so much already! I had an amazing time hanging out with some of my favorite people, exploring new cities and seeing some breathtaking sights.

One of my favorite spots in Los Angeles was hands down the Griffith Observatory. You'll especially love it if you're able to block out all of the tourists and pretend it's just you and your friends up there. As you wind up the mountain (is it called a mountain?) that the observatory is on there are gorgeous overlooks and plenty of hiking. Once you arrive to the top, you're met with a beautiful building and an amazing view of the city. We came at night and it was so gorgeous! Not only did I love the views, but what I really loved was the building itself. I was swooning over that architecture and the countless photo oops! Seriously, if I lived in LA I would want to do all of my photo shoots at this place. Lucky for me I at least had two friends willing to model while I played at this dreamy location. 

You and your lights are pretty gorgeous, LA.