Photo by Amaris Photography


I'm glad you're here. :) My name is Brittany Hines and I'm a Raleigh photographer. I attended NC State University and in the Summer of 2009 I traveled abroad to Italy. Although I was always that girl with a camera in her hand, it was there that I took my first photography class and absolutely fell in love. Now I just need to start planning my trip back! 


Some Fun Facts About Me:

- I believe in Jesus and am so thankful for the grace that covers me. 

- I was born in New Jersey, lived in Kansas for a bit, but was raised in North Carolina. And I will cheer on my Wolfpack until the day I die!

- On a typical Friday night you can catch me drinking beers & laughing with some amazing friends. Okay but really I've been told I'm always laughing. In fact, in high school I was voted "most jovial" and got the "most likely to giggle every 2 seconds" superlative, if that tells you anything.

-My bucket list includes visiting lots of new cities and every beautiful mountain range there is. 

- I'm a morning person. I would much rather get up at the crack of dawn than stay up super late. I'm content with being in bed by 10pm. :)

- I was that girl that tripped at college graduation. Yep, I held up my diploma and smiled really big for the camera, then proceeded to fall down the stairs. It was the funniest thing ever. 

- Running keeps me sane. 

- If I could eat lunch with one famous person I think it would be Hines Ward. Yes, he's my favorite football player (I'm in love with the Steelers), but I also admire him so much! He's always smiling, he's not a quitter, and he has done it all- from a Super Bowl MVP, to Dancing With The Stars champion, to an IronMan! I'd love to hear his stories. (Fun fact: I met him in June 2012 and he let me wear his super bowl ring. Best. Day. Ever. Still waiting on that call about lunch though.)

- My friends call me Little Britt Britt or LBB for short. You can too.