Meredith + Chris Engagement

One of the things I love about the church that I go to is the fact that I've been able to meet some really awesome people. For example, Meredith & Chris! I was friends with them both before they were "Meredith and Chris" and now it's been so exciting to see their relationship grow and to celebrate them as a couple! 

When Chris told me about the proposal he had planned for Meredith and asked if I was free to photograph it, I was SO bummed that I had to miss out! But luckily I at least got to be there for the party afterwards to capture those super exciting faces. And hear all of the exciting details about the proposal, of course. 

Two weekends ago, Meredith, Chris, and I headed to some of their favorite spots in Raleigh to take engagement pictures. First we stopped at Morning Times, the coffee shop where so many of us have spent countless hours. We may have technically been shooting in the middle of a "tornado warning" but we survived; and these two weren't afraid of a little wind. ;) The next day we ventured over to Dorthea Dix- this time no tornado warning! With wide open fields, gorgeous light, and amazing views of downtown, it's easily one of my favorite places. I had such a great time taking pictures of these friends of mine, and I'm so glad I could be there for one of the sweetest moments in their lives. Congrats, Meredith & Chris! Can't wait for your wedding!