McQuiggan Family 2.0

Remember last year when I first had the opportunity to take pictures of the awesome McQuiggan family? Well guess what...they're back! And this time with a sweet new addition, baby Miles!

I didn't think it was possible for a family to be any more incredible, but then they had to go and have the cutest little baby boy and now I'm just in shock at how it's possible for a family to be this great. I only wish I still worked closer to Jamie (more lunches and runs please!) and that they let me babysit more. ;) Hanging out with this family is good for your soul. 

McQuiggan family, thanks for letting me spend a Friday evening with you. I loved it. :)

Fun fact from our session: Just about every time the camera came out and we posed for a picture, one of Miles' arms shot straight up in the air! Except, of course, for the one time that the whole family decided to join in. Then his arm went down.

These two have clearly mastered the duck face. #importantfamilylessons (it's ok to have a hashtag in a blog post, right? cool) 

Now do yourself a favor and play Happy by Pharrell Williams as you look at this last picture. It fits perfectly, right? 

Can you see why this family is one of my favorites? :)